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Hi, I have strawberry blonde
hair and green eyes. My husband started talking about wanting
to watch another man make love to me. At first I didn’t
like the sound of it, but as time went on it really started
to turn me on. He hasn’t seen it yet, but I wanted to
tell you what happen and see if I should tell him or not. It
was on a Monday about noon, I had just got out of the shower
and only had on a short house coat when the door bell rang
and before I realized it I had open the door. And it was our
insurance salesman, he is a really nice looking man as I
open the door I saw him looking at me and my body that was exposed.
I was a little embarrassed at first but he came on in the house
and sat down and watched me as I got the cards out for him to
mark. And wanted to know that he thought I look good today,
I knew what he was saying, I thanked him and as I gave him the
cards I made sure he saw all my breast as the nipples were
hard from just teasing him. I was getting a little horny,
as he was getting ready to leave he wan to know if there was
any thing I wanted or need today I said and as I started to
close the door, I worked up enough nerve to call him back.
And as he came in I told him I wanted him to kiss me we started
kissing and hugging and I told him there is one thing I wanted
that my husband couldn’t do. And he wanted know what
that was. I told him when I was younger I went with a man that
like to eat pussy. I told him I really enjoyed it and hadn’t
had that done in a long time. He told me it was my lucky day,
because he loved to eat a ladies pussy. As we sat on the couch
and he begin to kiss me all over. I was butter in his hand he
eat me so good. As I was about to cum he looked at me and said
he really wanted to make love to me. All I could do is lick
my lips as he stood up I unbutton his shirt and pants, and
as they fell to the floor. I noticed he had the huge hard and
he wanted me, that made me so hot as we fell together. Making
love for about two hours. It was great; he made me feel so
good. He has been back a couple of times since then and both
times we ended up inn bed. I’m so hot just writing
this. My husband wanted me to have another man fuck me, I
want to tell him to bring his friend over one night and let
him watch his friend and me. Waiting for next time I’m
so horny right now. I hope you men enjoy this true story.

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