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Camping at it’s BEST!

I drove to my camper (I’m a seasonel), it was Friday early evening,
and I was beat. Long day ect. As I opened my camper I noticed a young
couple across the way from me trying to set up their tent. Not having
much luck, I went over to them and asked if they needed a hand. The
girl answered almost before I finished the question. Well I helped
them get set up and they Thanked me and I went back to my camper.
Later that night I had a Great fire going and just sitting there
enjoying it. I heard a noise and saw the girl from across the way come
around the end of my trailer. She said Hi and Thanks again. She then
asked if I had an extra beer. I said sure and got up to get her one
from the cooler. Not knowing that she followed me to the cooler, I
bent over to get her one and was very surprised when I felt a hand go
up my gym shorts. I turned around with beer in hand and she grabbed my
shorts and dropped them to my ankles. She then proceeded to kneel
down and administer one of the best head jobs I had ever received.
After swallowing the whole load she got up and said Thanks again, and
took the beer from my hand. We sat at the fire for the rest of the
night making mad Love all night. I asked where her boyfriend was and
she said he was sleeping. It was too much work for him setting up
camp. I thought I did all the work. I never saw her again after that
weekend, but it was one of the best Camping weekends I ever had!

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